Peter Nduhiu

“Just follow your passion”


To make sure we support Eliud to achieve his goal and his dream to be the first human being to run under two hours for the marathon.


For me the biggest is challenge is to keep Eliud healthy, but I am very confident about that.

Personal Connection

The fact that I am the main physiotherapist and that I have to carry through Eliud’s dream of running 1.59.

Peter Nduhui is Eliud Kipchoge’s physiotherapist, working full-time at the Global Sports Communication (GSC) camp in Kaptagat. Like Eliud, Peter comes from the Rift Valley in Kenya. After studying in Havana, Cuba, he came back to Kenya and started working in Kenyata national hospital in Nairobi - the biggest hospital in eastern-central Africa - as a General Practioner.

Peter joined Athletics Kenya in 1998 and in 2003, while working with the Kenyan team preparing for the 2004 Olympic Games, he first met Eliud Kipchoge, starting a relationship both with the athlete and GSC. 

Peter has attended Olympic Games and World Championships with the Kenyan team and, in 2016, started to work more closely with the GSC athletes. In 2017, he started living in camp for three days ahead of Breaking2. Now he is in the camp on a full-time basis to treat Eliud and the other GSC athletes.

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