Peter Vergouwen

“Think different; Never give up.”


To contribute to and advise on the development and improvement of all physical and mental attributes Eliud will need to complete the INEOS 1:59 Challenge.


The biggest challenge is to keep Eliud healthy, injury-free and in top fitness throughout the whole preparation period and to ensure recovery and body care are just as important as training.

Personal Connection

From the start of my physical education and sports medical career I have been fascinated by people and elite athletes, who want to break through barriers in their own lives and careers. Pushing boundaries is an ultimate challenge for everyone who wants to achieve something with their own life as Eliud says, No Human is Limited.

Peter Vergouwen started his career as a PE teacher, then became a sports medical doctor and then, as a sports physician, managed to create an ideal combination of both jobs. 

Since 2003, Peter has worked for the Department of Elite Sports Medicine in Hospital in the Netherlands, next to the national sports centre, Papendal.  He has experience of working across a range of sports however track and field is his main passion and through collaboration with Global Sport Communication (GSC), he has been able to work with more than 50 Olympic and World champions. 

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