13th September 2019

Eliud's Diary: 13 September 2019


The phrase ‘No Human Is Limited’ is something which first came to me in the countdown to the Breaking2 Project in Monza. At that time myself and two other athletes were attempting what many thought unthinkable – a sub-two-hour marathon. Personally, I’ve never believed in limits and that is how the phrase came about.

For this reason, I’m happy and excited the #NoHumanIsLimited campaign has been launched through the INEOS 1:59 Challenge to help inspire others to overcome their own personal barriers.

Among those inspirational ambassadors who represent the #NoHumanIsLimited philosophy include Dutch marathon runner Abdi Nageeye and four-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome.

I personally nominated Abdi as an ambassador for the campaign. I know him well as he trains with our group in Kaptagat. Abdi is a Dutch athlete, who proves European athletes can run very quickly. He set a Dutch marathon record of 2:06:17 in Rotterdam in April and I believe he can go much quicker in the future.

He was also a pacemaker in Monza as part of Breaking2 – and is a believer that no human is limited. Watching Abdi grow and grow throughout his career has been a big inspiration for me.

I’ve also met another of the #NoHumanIsLimited ambassadors, Chris Froome. Chris was born and raised in Kenya and South Africa and proves that an African raised athlete can excel at cycling. In conversation with Chris he was excited about what I am attempting to do and I know that when I spoke with him he was confident he could have won this year’s Tour de France. Unfortunately, he later suffered a terrible accident and I wish him a good recovery. For me, Chris is a true #NoHumanIsLimited ambassador.

He has the same mentality as me. He doesn’t believe in limits and challenges himself every day.

The project #NoHumanIsLimited is in my blood and in my heart. I live this belief each day when I wake up and train in preparation for the INEOS 1:59 Challenge. I believe I can go beyond what other people think and I am happy to share this message and take it to the next level.  

I know on the day of the INEOS 1:59 Challenge such thoughts will help push me to history.

I hope my feats can inspire billions of people worldwide to follow their dreams and prove that no human is limited.


As told to Steve Landells

#NoHumanIsLimited ambassador Chris Froome. Credit: Tom Jamieson


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