21st June 2019

Eliud's Diary: 21st June 2019

Hi everyone,

I am really excited to be involved in a second initiative focused on breaking the two-hour barrier for the marathon.

Back in 2017 - as part of the Nike Breaking2 Project - I tried my best and ran 2:00:25. I did not expect a second opportunity to come about this year, because such events take a long time to organise, but I am very grateful INEOS have put on this challenge. I believe it has come at the right time.

This is a golden chance for me to make history and show the world that no human is limited.

When I took on the Breaking2 project many people said a sub-two-hour marathon was impossible and I recall feeling that day like a boxer entering the ring; not quite sure what was going to happen. Yet to come within 26 seconds of the mark proved that a sub-two-hour marathon was possible. As I crossed the line that day I was happy and emotional.

I have since analysed the challenge and I believe because of my rich experiences in Monza (as part of the Breaking2 Project) I am in a much better position to run 26 seconds quicker and make history.

Eliud Kipchoge with his Breaking2 Trophy. Credit: Dan Vernon

"This is a golden chance for me to make history and show the world that no human is limited."

I have always had a strong belief that anything is possible and my confidence has grown over time. I am optimistic that with the right preparation and planning and by completing every long run, fartlek session and every track workout that I will be ready.

When I attempted Breaking2 my personal best was 2:03:05. Now my PB is the world record 2:01:39 and I have also run a 2:02:37. This gives me further belief that I can break two hours as part of the INEOS 1:59 Challenge.

I am lucky to have a great support team around me with Nike, Global Sports Communication, the NN Running Team and now, of course, INEOS. My job is simple; to prepare and reach the level of fitness needed to run a sub-two-hour marathon.  

I’ve also received big support from the distance running community. Everyone has been positive and wished me luck. In my heart and mind I’ve analysed and visualised breaking two hours. I can’t wait for the challenge to come.



As told to Steve Landells.


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