5th July 2019

Eliud's Diary: 5 July 2019

Hi everyone,

Now I have completed my first phase of training – which included a mix of gym work, aerobics and jogging – for the INEOS 1:59 Challenge I’ve now transferred to my training camp in Kaptagat, Kenya for the next stage of my preparation.

It is always hard to have to say goodbye to my wife and three children. For the past two months I have spent time living at home with them in Eldoret. However, for the past 17 years of my career I have spent time in camp and they understand these are the sacrifices I need to make to fulfil my running potential.

Life must continue, and each weekend I will return from camp to spend time with them.

Eliud Kipchoge with his family. Credit: Dan Vernon

The main benefit of being in camp is it allows for a concentrated environment with no distractions. The other benefit is the teamwork, I enjoy being with my fellow NN Running Team athletes in camp. For me, running with others is so important. You can run alone, but I believe that you cannot do the same level of work. Unless you are a genius, I think it is impossible to train on your own and achieve the same level of results.

Coming back into the camp also has its compensations. It is always exciting to once again see the athletes and it is nice to hear their stories and jokes after two months apart.

My body responded well to the first phase of training. Having said that; nothing can quite prepare you for the first few days again in camp when the body has to adjust to the demands of going for a long run and the speed sessions again. The legs are sore and the muscles ache.

At the moment we are completing a mixture of gym week, easier runs, two fartlek sessions a week and a long run. In the coming weeks we will re-introduce the faster track work outs. It is important to get this stage right, so that when we face the next intensive stage of training we will be able to cope with the extra training load much more comfortably. If we don’t come through this stage of the preparation there will be big problems during the track sessions and on the long runs you will really suffer.

Recently, I have also found out the location and course for the INEOS 1:59 Challenge. As you may have read the course will be in Vienna, Austria. My belief is that the location and course is perfect. The weather is likely to be good. The city is one that loves sport and the course is flat and straight. I have never been to Vienna but I am looking forward to racing there, but first I have to continue to focus on my daily preparation and take things day by day in my pursuit of an historic sub-two-hour marathon.

As told to Steve Landells


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