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Elaine Wyllie

When you believe in someone and someone believes in you, limits tend to fade away

What does limit mean to you?

Limit is a construct that you choose to impose on yourself or others and if you don’t choose to impose limits, then they don’t exist.

Who sets the limits anyway?

You can take the view that you can push the limits, push the boundaries and make yourself stronger. Life has taught me that anything is possible. You never know, the next Eliud Kipchoge might come from a Daily Mile school.

Why do you believe in Eliud?

Eliud is an inspirational runner and he’s challenging himself to do something that has never done before. He has surrounded himself with an incredible team; he keeps saying, ‘It’s me and the team’. Together, I truly believe that Eliud will make history in Vienna.

Former Head Teacher and Founder of The Daily Mile

#NoHumanIsLimited | Elaine Wyllie

In a world where children can be limited by their age, ability or circumstance, former Head Teacher Elaine Wyllie refused to put limits on the children attending her school. She proved, through running, that when you show belief in a child, they will naturally find their own self-belief and start challenging themselves to achieve new things. 

When Elaine discovered that not all children were fit enough to run around the school playing field she set about making running 100% inclusive so that every child, every day had the chance to get out of the classroom to run, have fun and improve their health and wellbeing. Her simple concept snowballed from a handful of children running or jogging for 15 minutes every day in a Primary School in Scotland to a global initiative now known all around the world as The Daily Mile. Nearly 2 million children in 69 countries are taking part and reporting improvements in self-esteem, self-belief and self-confidence.

It may be an amazingly simple concept – a burst of physical activity that can take place at any time of the day, with no need for special equipment or training, or even a change of shoes – but Elaine had to fight hard to overcome initial barriers to this new approach to physical activity in schools. Her determination to lift the limits felt by children now means that any school, regardless of where it is in the world, can quickly and easily start participating in this outstanding initiative.

Elaine campaigns tirelessly to inspire teachers around the world to empower their children to build self-esteem through physical fitness. The Daily Mile transcends borders and cultures, and now her vision is for it to reach ‘every child, every day, whatever their age, ability or circumstance’… in other words, to have no limits.


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