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Chris Froome

I don't like to think in terms of limits

What does limit mean to you?

The word limit is a bit of a strange one really because it is implying that there is a cap on what can be achievable

Who sets the limits anyway?

I believe that limits shouldn’t be set in sport as I believe this would change the mentality for a lot of sportsmen, a lot of coaches and certainly the way that people perceive sport

Why do you believe in Eliud?

If anyone can break the two-hour barrier, it will be Eliud. He has got such a focus and determination and since he has set this goal, he has just applied himself to this day in and day out for months now


7 x Grand Tour wins

4 x Tour de France wins

2 x Vuelta España & 1 x Giro d’Italia winner

2 x Olympic medallist

1 x Individual UCI Road World Championship medal


Chris Froome’s illustrious career seemed, to any outsider, an impossible dream for a young boy growing up in East Africa, over 10,000 miles away from the meandering route of the great Tour de France. Yet it was these very doubters that fuelled the immense determination growing inside of Chris and he insisted that, “the more people told me it wasn’t possible and that I should get real and set myself other objectives, the more it ignited a passion and drive to want to prove them wrong and show that I could do it”. 

Not allowing this vast separation to limit him, Chris looked into every possible avenue to get his foot in the door, he knew that he needed to move to Europe and get noticed by one of the big cycling teams and admits that “this was the biggest challenge early on in my career”. 

Perhaps it is these challenges that have shaped Chris into the athlete he is today, never leaving a single stone unturned in order to ensure that he is always at the very top of his game. Chris has never taken anything for granted and he acknowledges that “the pressure I put on myself is far greater than any pressure I feel from anything external”. 

Viewed as the greatest Grand Tour rider of his generation and one of the greats in the history of the sport, Chris Froome further cemented his legacy in 2018 after claiming a sensational Giro d’Italia victory. The Brit became only the third rider in history to hold all three Grand Tour titles at the same time, adding to an incredible palmares, which already includes four Tour de France victories. 

Chris believes that Eliud possesses that drive and inner desire to cross the finish line and break the sub-2 hour marathon barrier.  He believes that Eliud will benefit from the pressure he is putting on himself and from the support of the fantastic team he has around him. As with all sporting challenges there will be a moment where this flips from being about Eliud’s physical capability to a mental one where “it no longer becomes about the training and the physical side but about how much he wants to achieve it”.  

In 2019 Chris had the worst accident of his career. Many people told him he wouldn’t be able to get back on a bike again, let alone race as a professional cyclist. However, Chris is determined to get back on track and pick up where he left off, come back stronger and hopefully win the world’s biggest bike races again. This is potentially the biggest challenge of his career to date.  

Read more about Chris’ inspirational story and his road to recovery here in an exclusive interview with Tom Cary of The Telegraph.

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